New York rapper Tony Yayo will never forget late friend and affiliate Mazaradi Fox. The Talk of New York hit up social media this week to reflect on Fox’s life with a throwback pic.

Yayo went to Instagram Thursday (January 11) with a vintage shot of himself and Fox.

Back in 2015, one of the victims from Fox’s fatal shooting came forward to speak out on nabbing the shooter Jamal Scott.

But during a pretrial hearing Wednesday, she made the claim that her identification of Scott was steered by police — shocking court observers. “The detective kept tapping his finger on one picture,” Brockington said on the stand, flanked by her lawyer at the hearing, which will determine whether prosecutors can use her identification in the trial or not. “I told them I couldn’t ID anyone — that (the shooter) had a mask.” (NY Daily News)

Cops arrested Scott in February 2014, weeks after the shooting went down.

Cops said Tuesday they had arrested a man for fatally shooting a rapper who counted 50 Cent as a lifelong friend. Scott Jamal, 35, of Jamaica, Queens, was charged with second-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder and felony assault for the Jan. 3 attack. Detectives allege it was Jamal who blasted a Nissan SUV full of people, including Mazaradi Fox, 42, whose real name was Jamal Green. (New York Daily News)

Tony Yayo previously acknowledged the violence around his neck of the woods following Fox’s passing in January 2014.

“It’s crazy out here, man,” Yayo said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, rest in peace to Mazaradi Fox. Southside all day. You know how it is in these streets, man. Yeah man, it’s not a game out there. People’s not playing. Sh*t is definitely real. You know? Rest in peace to Fox, condolences to his family, his daughters and everybody. Yeah, man. They only got guns in America. When we go to Paris – they don’t have guns over there.” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)