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Tony Yayo Hits The Studio W/ Chris Brown, Calls Him “The Champ”

Written By Rosario Harper

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G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo is up to something with Chris Brown. The “Talk of New York” teased fans this week with a pic of himself and Chris Breezy.

Yayo went to Instagram Wednesday (January 11) to shout-out the R&B crooner with an in-studio shot.

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This week, Game’s manager Wack 100 warned Yayo’s boss 50 Cent about trying to set-up a publicized Chris Brown versus Soulja Boy fight.

“We’re going to take the fight to Dubai. Mike Tyson’s definitely involved. I’ve had conversations through other people with Floyd. 50 Cent’s not leading for the fight. Floyd’s not leading for the fight. But if politics are right, we can talk business. At the end of the day, Floyd and 50 ain’t never going to control anything that’s a West Coast situation with no disrespect. Like, it would be hard for me to control something that’s New York-based and 50’s involved. So at the end of the day, the Dubai situation, that’s something I put together. I already have paperwork on one of the fighters already. Both them dudes, it’s Piru business right now. Unfortunately, Wack 100’s in business and in the position to do the same things they can do. Floyd’s a boxer. 50’s a rapper. But pay-per-view, location, the funding, the finance, the marketing, the promotion, all of that is between me managing Game and Ray J. Television is there. Pay-per-view is there. Everything is there. Mike Tyson’s directly involved. Everybody else is just talking and having fun with the situation. Hopefully they can start respecting the situation because we really ain’t playing with this over here. When I say we, I’m speaking for the West Coast as a whole. Not only as my Piru comrades, my Crip comrades and everybody else out here that’s involved – Floyd, no disrespect, is a guy from Michigan that lives in Vegas.” (TMZ Sports)

This week, 50 Cent announced singer Kelly Price would perform the national anthem at the fight.



A couple days ago, reports surfaced about Brown and Soulja wanting to take their fight overseas.

The initial plan was for a Vegas fight, but we’ve learned there are several rules and regs that would make such a fight impossible there, not the least of which is a mandatory drug test for amateur fights … which both Chris and Soulja know they would never pass. We’re told their plan is to take the fight overseas — first choice Dubai — and they believe the Pay-Per-View audience would rake in untold millions of dollars. (TMZ)

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Written by Rosario Harper

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