R&B veteran Toni Braxton and Cash Money head Birdman have gossip blogs brewing this week with new romance rumors spiraling out of control.

According to reports, signs of the music vet’s coupled up status came to light last weekend.

The cat started crawling out of the bag when Birdman showed up Sunday for Toni’s Grammy Park performance in Brooklyn. We’re told backstage was sealed off so very few people could see them together, but this pic of the rendezvous got out. Sources tell TMZ … Birdman left with his entourage to go clubbing. It’s unclear if he and Toni had a “run-in” later, but we’re told they’ve been close for years … and have hooked up in the past. (TMZ)

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Earlier this month, Baby updated fans on his relationship status with rap star Rick Ross amid a publicized falling out.

“Me and Ross was like brothers everyday, hanging together. They one of the reasons we came to Miami, because them n*ggas embraced us so strong when we came out here. I don’t know what his call was to even get into me and my son business,” Baby said in an interview. “That sh*t gonna work itself out. I have the utmost respect for Ross. We come up and I taught him a lot of game in this sh*t. He watched my pimpin’ and did his own thing with it being a hustler, but it threw me off.” (Hot 97)

Last year, Ross talked about his disgust with how Baby treated Lil Wayne during their publicized music biz feud.

“Weezy’s my homie. I was just with Weezy the other night at the club — I don’t have one with Birdman,” Ross said when asked if he still has a relationship with the Cash Money CEO. “If you read The Source Magazine you would see right now, and really me seeing Wayne going through as an artist, him being a boss, me idolizing Birdman at a time, looking up to Lil Wayne being the first artist to make so many feats. Not just as an artist but as an artist coming from the South. That’s something that I took personal. So for me to see the way things are transpiring, I can’t respect that and I don’t respect that.” (“The Breakfast Club”)