TV personality Tomi Lahren has struck again and responded to being referenced on G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T‘s new Jay Z-featured “Drug Dealers Anonymous” single.

The controversial host spoke out on Twitter Wednesday (June 1) and took aim at both hip-hop stars.

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On “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” Jay Z takes direct aim at Lahren referring to his 14-year drug dealer past.

“14-year drug dealer and still counting/Who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant/He been hula hooping through loop holes, working around sh*t/IRS should’ve had the townhouses surrounded” (“Drug Dealers Anonymous”)

Earlier this year, Lahren infamously went at Jay and his R&B wife Beyoncé following her Super Bowl 50 halftime performance.


In a segment of her relatively unknown show on The Blaze, Lahren complained that the performance was too politically charged and in “violent support of the Black Panther movement.” In her rant on Bey, Lahren also criticized Jay Z’s past. “Your husband was a drug dealer,” she said on the show. “For 14 years he sold crack cocaine—talk about protecting Black neighborhoods. Start at home.” (Genius)

On her “The Blaze” viral show, Lahren stood behind her initial comments against Beyoncé amid viral backlash.

“To the Black Lives Matter folks and the militant Bey-Hive and to those that have nothing better to do than post nasty comments on my Instagram, let’s get something straight. You don’t scare me, you don’t intimidate me, you will not silence me, you’re bullies. My assessment of the Beyoncé Super Bowl performance was not racist in any way. My message was clear. America should be coming together everyday but especially on America’s game day.” (“The Blaze”)