For Caption Diss, the good ol’ folks at SOHH are back at it giving y’all a chance to capture the final word(s). The “Best We’ve Ever Read” headline gets to hold down that Cap Diss crown for a whole week. Who run it?

Even as a loyal Jets fan, you can’t lie, it’s worth the Seahawks blowing the Super Bowl to see Tom Brady flashing those Super Bowl rings at the ring ceremony. The Patriots turned things well past fleek and no one received more attention than Mr. Brady. What’s going on in his mind right here, y’all? Hmmmmmm…………?

Peep who won the Trey Songz Cap Diss on the next page…

Come on! LOL. No one wanted to let off on Trigga Trey? Well no worries, Bulldog Butters to the rescue.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.21.46 AM

Aight, y’all know the routine. Think ’em, diss ’em, ink ’em and submit ’em into the comments section by Wednesday, June 17!