While I’m a fan of Jay-Z the rapper, I’m no fan of Jay-Z the Def Jam President. So far under the Carter Administration Jay-Z has released some mediocre crap with the exception of Kanye West. Personally, I don’t see why people are so excited to see Jay as the head of Def Jam. This is the same nigga who signed Memphis Bleek on the strength of some childhood friendship bullshit.

Now a current trend in rap is rappers are trying to sign a lot of throwback groups. I’ve heard The Game is trying to sign Kool G. Rap. 50 signed M.O.P. and Mobb Deep. And Jay is trying to sign The Lox. As nice as all these groups were, they are done. They aren’t doing big numbers in this day and age. If they do big numbers it won’t be the same group you loved years ago. With M.O.P. and Fox shucking and jiving in that Tony Yayo video it should be evident that this ain’t the same group we loved years ago.

If they must sign older groups for some sense of ‘reaching back’ atleast sign groups that will move some units. So before Jay attempts to sign Saucy Money and Big Daddy Kane, here are 5 artists that Jay-Z SHOULD sign.

The Clipse – These guys are free agents. They’ve already dropped a classic album. The streets have been waiting for these guys.

Remy Ma – Yea, she’s signed to Terror Squad and her boss and Jay don’t get along but after SRC Records/Universal drop the ball, Jay will be able to get her for pennies on the dollar. Plus she’s a fan of Jay. She quotes him almost as much as Foxy. [How come she doesn’t quote Joe?]

AZ – We know AZ loves his home at Koch, but with the right label he could easily move 500,000. Jigga and him go way back to the Dead President’s video. With the right singles this guy could be a major threat – AGAIN.

The Smith Bros. – Also known as Smooth Da Hustla and Trigga The Gambler. Face it, these guys are better than that other Brownsville Duo who signed with G-Unit. Check the Tony Touch mixtapes for prove of this. These guys are STILL doing it – unfortunely, they are STILL doing it with Ice T.