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Tiny Tries Her Best To Respond To T.I.’s Teary-Eyed 10-Year Anniversary Love Letter: “I Can’t Help But Treat You Like The King You Are”

Written By Angie Dare

R&B singer Tiny has nothing but pure love for her soulmate. The popular crooner and reality TV star has come forward to respond to T.I.‘s epic 10-year anniversary love letter he penned her.

Tiny Celebrates 10 Years With T.I.

Last night, Tiny took some time to pour her heart out to what T.I. means to her. In addition to sharing a must-see highlight clip of their best moments together, she acknowledged her caption ultimately couldn’t compete with what Tip penned to her.

“We made it to our Big 10.. & I couldn’t be more in love with you than I’ve ever been. Thank you for dedicating your time, your energy all of you, just to make me the happiest woman I can be. You’ve shown me how hard a man is suppose to love me. Which can drive me nuts sometimes but honestly I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world. I look forward to waking up to you. Loving you for all my life‼️You spoil me rotten & for that I can’t help but treat you like the King you are..My King‼️ I could never write a caption that would out do yours but hey..I spoke from the ❤️tho‼️ Obessive love at its best👑😻👅 #HappyAnniversary #InLoveLikeNewlyweds #Big10” -Tiny’s Instagram

High-Key Details

On Friday, Tip hit up his Instagram page and relied on much more than a simple shout-out to Tiny. Instead, he went all-out with a must-read discussion about the power of marriage and trust with the person he loves most in the world.

“Happy 10th anniversary to my homie,lover,everything‼️ @majorgirl WE MADE A DIME‼️ Our journey has been an adventurous one & our way may not work for everybody,but 🖕🏽dem cause it works for US😍‼️ We’ve seen so many couples…that we both thought had such perfect,exemplary relationships break up,fold & throw in the towel🤷🏽‍♂️. Seen em come… watched em fail(unfortunately😪)& learned that nobody has the blueprints to a perfect marriage nor do they have a gps to longevity. We’re all just waking up everyday trying to figure this sh*t out‼️ How to fulfill ourselves while remaining committed? How to become tenacious about making your husband/wife happy without losing yourself? How to support their dreams without killing your own? The answer (for US at least) was finding ways to make their happiness…your happiness. Find pleasure in pleasing each other so we seldom have to focus on pleasing ourselves. I know you’ve endured some circumstantial unpleasantries on this ride & so have I… but struggles,flaws & all I wouldn’t trade our ride for the world‼️ Cause it produced the pain that brought US understanding (Alexa play Xscape😉) & with no struggle there’s no progress… To be honest…I’d rather struggle with you,than shine effortlessly with anyone else.” -T.I.’s Instagram

TI celebrates 10-year anniversary with his queen. Tiny celebrates 10 years with her Instagram Story footage.

Wait, There’s More

T.I also thanked Tiny for dealing with his growth into a mature man. Without giving any spoilers or wild predictions, Tip promised his wife life would only continue to get better for them.

“One thing I know, flaws and all,good or bad,rich or poor…. YOU for ME & ERRRBODY KNOW I AINT BUULLSH*TTIN ABOUT YOU‼️ This is my lifetime investment,so anyone who ain’t ready to DIE or KILL about ya may as well leave you alone and find something safe to do😎. Anyhow… I said all that to say I love you… now even more than I did the day we said “I do” & will continue to do so until my time is UP(even after). Thank you for your patience & forgiveness. Thank you for allowing me the time & opportunity to evolve,grow,& mature into the man I am today. We got plenty more of these to celebrate so I can end this one here with… Here’s to seizing the memories of today…For today is the best it’s ever been,& the best is yet to come😉‼️ I Love You With All There Is Inside Me Mrs.H😍🥰😘” -T.I.’s Instagram

Before You Go

Heading into Wednesday, Tiny went to her Instagram page with a slideshow of must-see moments alongside T.I. The pics featured her and Tip boo’d up together on a boat surrounded by friends.

“Life is too short to worry about ppl, places or things that don’t change your everyday life!! I’m in love with mine #Thankful #BlessedNHighlyFavored #GodChild 👑💕‼️” -Tiny’s Instagram

Tiny’s marriage goals moments captured in these epic pics.

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Written by Angie Dare

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