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Tiny Ready To Knock Out Huge Problem, End Floyd Mayweather Bout [Video]

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Reality television star Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is ready to put her issues with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. behind her and look at the future. #enditnow

Despite making headlines for having a rift toward Money Mayweather, Tiny told media this week she has no interest in entertaining the dispute.

T.I.‘s wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle tells TMZ Sports … she’s ready to end the war with Floyd Mayweather … after a feud that already led to a bloody brawl at a Vegas burger joint. You know the backstory … T.I. confronted Mayweather at Fatburger back in May and a huge fight broke out. Floyd later said T.I. was mad because the rapper thought he had sex with his wife. (TMZ)

While he did not get deep into details, Tiny’s husband T.I. recently admitted his problems with Floyd dated back past May.

“There was history. There was definitely history,” Tip said in an interview. “I don’t care what you do to whoever else. I don’t care who you speak to, how you speak to them. You dealing with me you gonna deal with me like a man. I feel like my steps are guided, man. I’m a man of God. When I step I ain’t got nobody to fear, but God himself. I don’t got no fire I can’t walk through. I done been through it all.” (Hot 97)

Tip initially relied on his Instagram page to dismiss reports of enduring physical harm to his face when a Mayweather fight story first broke out.

“They said I’ve got two black eyes. Where they at, though? These ones I’m looking at? Is they black for real? D*mn, been like that all my life. F*cked my hand up. That’s about it. [laughs],” Tip said in a video followed by the caption “Two black what?????? C’mon now. Never in da history of Nigga-dom. But nice try tho. Lol” (T.I.’s Instagram)

Following the controversy, Mayweather admitted a recent photo of himself alongside Tiny most likely sparked the May 25 confrontation.

“I’m eating at Fatburger and next thing you know, he walk in talking about we need to talk again. And then I told him, “You need to get the f-ck outta my face. That’s what you better do.” And then he said, “I ain’t talking to all these people so you ain’t gotta talk loud.” I said, “Listen, don’t come to my face with no disrespectful sh-t. Like I told you before, you must’ve forgot what I did for a living.” He said, “You do in the ring, I do it in the streets.” I said, “My man, I do it everywhere. You can find out if you want to.” Just like that. … Then a couple of words exchange and people got to pushing and a riot kinda broke out. And then a bunch of chaos and that was basically it. Because, like I said before, he probably does some foolish things, but he ain’t no damn fool to swing on me.” (Necole Bitchie)


Check out Tiny’s interview:

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Written by SOHH Squad

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