R&B singer Tinashe is ready to see the Philadelphia 76ers bring home a championship. The crooner has hit up social media to send off a major salute to boyfriend Ben Simmons at the start of the NBA playoffs.

Tina went to her Instagram page last night (April 14) and shared a slideshow of pics of herself donning Simmons’ 76ers jersey.

In case there was any confusion over who I’ll be cheering for in the playoffs…

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Earlier in the week, the high-profile entertainer dished on their relationship goals going public.

“It’s super new for me. Definitely weird, not used to it. Kind of makes me nervous, but yeah it’s fun, it’s exciting. I feel like people were already talking so it’s like you can either try to hide it and be like no, no nothing’s happening. Or you can just be upfront with it. Like I was going to all his games and people would see me there.” (Hot 97)

Recently, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James came up with a great nickname for Simmons.


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Last month, Tina caved in and confirmed dating rumors involving Simmons.


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