Tinashe Sets Fans Off W/ Cryptic ‘333’ Teaser

Written By Hanan Othman

Roc Nation princess changes it up

Singer and actress Tinashe has dropped a cryptic bomb on fans. The R&B star posted a mysterious teaser clip through her social media accounts, seemingly announcing her long-awaited comeback.

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Tinashe Announces New Era

Tinashe set her fans off with the teaser clip she posted through Twitter. Her followers also were quick to notice a new layout on her social media channels, which signified a new era for the popular crooner. In response to the cryptic clip, many expressed their excitement with the possibility of new music and their own theories as to what the numbers “333” meant.

Are you going to finally tell us the meaning being 333? This has been popping up for years.

It’s an angel number and it means that you are on the right path and that the angels are watching over you.


Iggy Azalea’s DLNW Teaser

In August 2020, Iggy and Tinashe went to their Instagram pages with some major teasing. They both shared a snippet of how their “DLNW” song sounded and it was way more on the pop side of music.

“8 hours to go till DLNW with @tinashenow 😭 we are gonna live stream together on my account at 9.30PST/12.30EST” -Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea and Tinashe’s Collaboration

In mid-August 2020, Iggy hit up Instagram to deliver the huge collage news. While she didn’t get into specifics, Azalea shared the new “DLNW” artwork and title.

“DLNW cover art is here!!! @tinashenow ate this up 🥵 Can’t wait for everyone to hear this song it’s sooooo different to the all hands on deck rmx we did – I can’t wait til fridayyyyy eeeck!” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

Tinashe + Music Biz

In July 2020, Tina shared some of her insight on the state of the music industry. Instead of just dishing out a problem, Tinashe also came up with a potential solution with the issue of musicians feeling pressured to force records and going into genres.

“Abolish genres in music artists and instead categorize individual songs by sonic nuances such as temp (chill vs energetic)” -Tinashe’s Twitter

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Written by Hanan Othman

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