Music mogul’s Jay Z‘s new father-in-law Richard Lawson has come forward to speak out on marrying Tina Knowles earlier this month and co-signed Young Hov’s new Tidal streaming service.

In Mr. Lawson’s perspective, the new Tidal launch will finally benefit musicians.

“Man, we’ve been knowing each other for 33 years,” Lawson said in an interview. “We’ve been like family, you know? [Me and Jay Z?] We couldn’t be tighter. My family, their family, we’re one. It really is a blessing. I’m really grateful for the fact it’s a united family. [Jay Z’s new company is] Tidal. Everybody out there, buy Tidal because it’s the new thing but it’s the right thing. Now the musicians will keep the money. The people who create the music will keep the money. That’s the beautiful thing.” (TMZ)

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Despite his respect for Young Hov, rap veteran Sir Mix-A-Lot questioned the business aspect of Tidal this week.

“I’m a big Jay Z fan, but I want to know per million streams how much you’re paying out. He’s charging double Spotify. Honestly, I just want to see young artists get paid.” (Complex)

Reports this week claim Jay Z may release a long-awaited joint album with R&B wife Beyoncé exclusively through Tidal.

The long-rumored Beyoncé and Jay Z joint album will reportedly be released exclusively on Tidal, according to DJ Skee. The host of Skee TV revealed last September that the couple was working on an album together. In his latest segment on Skee TV, the DJ reports that sources have told him the album is “nearing completion.” (Huffington Post)

Some reports have claimed TIDAL’s main music streaming rivals have reached new peaks since it was introduced.

On April 20th, Pandora and Spotify occupied positions No. 3 and No. 4 on the U.S. iPhone revenue chart, respectively. This was the first time two music streaming services have hit the top 4 in sales simultaneously. As a matter of fact, something curious can be seen in Spotify’s download performance right after Tidal media campaign started bashing its allegedly meager payouts. Spotify surged back into the iPad top 40 download chart on March 31st, right when Tidal’s anti-Spotify invective hit its peak in American media. This had not happened since November 2014. (BRG)