Grammy-winning producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz are continuing their Instagram Live ‘Verzuz’ series. Their newest guests will be hip-hop heavyweights Nelly and Ludacris.

Verzuz Showdown

Barring any changes, the Nelly versus Ludacris battle will happen next Saturday, May 16. Both Tim and Swizzy announced the huge face-off on their social media pages.

“Nelly versus Ludacris. Next Saturday. This isn’t a f**king game. Verzuz. For the artist, by the artist, for the people. Who you got? We gonna have a big ass party. We working here. Listen, this is the announcement for Ludacris versus Nelly. If you want Ludacris versus Nelly, put the fire signs in the air, bottles in the air…”

The Nelly versus Ludacris battle is upon us

X Gonna Give It To Ya

New York rap veteran DMX is coming for JAY-Z with no mercy. When recently talking about the ‘Verzuz’ battle series and asked who he’d take on, X quickly name-dropped Young Hov. Despite JAY having more than 10 albums to his name, X said he would take on his longtime pal.

Wait, There’s More

R&B superstars Erykah Badu and Jill Scott recently put their classics to the test. The award-winning crooners faced off against each other this weekend with over 700,000 people popped in to check out the battle.

The “battle” ended up flowing more like two friends trading songs they love. Erykah, up first in each round, seemed to have a strategy and consideration for what she was playing in what order. Jill was playing from her iPhone, and much more casual in her choices. She also often played the entire track, which technically goes against Verzuz rules, but no one complained. The night was a love fest; two friends and peers in music who genuinely admire and appreciate each other’s work trading stories (the ladies were much better about storytelling than previous participants have been) and shouting out collaborators and artists who inspired them. (Billboard)

Before You Go

Luda is making sure to put respect on his queen’s name. The hip-hop heavyweight has come forward to acknowledge his wife Eudoxie on Mother’s Day.

“Happy Mother’s Day To This Beautiful SuperWoman who divides her Love Amongst Our Children, yet each of our Children still Have ALL of her Love. You can Take the Place of others, but your place NO ONE else can Take. Every Single Day Your Love is our Peace 🙏🏾 Thank You @eudoxie” -Ludacris’ Instagram