Hitmaker Timbaland recently discussed his past relationship with Scott Storch and the producer’s inability to ignore his camp’s gossip, which allegedly sparked their 2007 beef.

Speaking with radio personality DJ Whoo Kid, Timbo revealed the advantages Scott had when he worked alongside himself and Dr. Dre.

“I can’t beef with a guy, we had a serious friendship,” Timbaland said in an interview. “He worked with me for years, after he stopped working with Dre, he started working with me. And the dude is hot, the boy is hot. I think he’s good on his own but when me and Dre got him together, we bring something outta Scott you’ve never seen…You know what it is, his crew and everybody getting to him got to him. I’ma bigger person and I told Scott sometimes he’s weak. And everybody’s getting in his ear blah, blah blah…and it’s not even like that…Scott has gone through a lot of pain…You gotta be patient [with the industry hate] because you can’t feed into it. I’m 30-something years old, freak I look like feeding into somebody whose 20-something years old?” (Radio Planet TV)

Storch previously justified his music beef with Tim based on the producer’s “piano man” reference on 2007’s “Give It To Me.”

“I just felt like enough was enough,” Storch said in a past interview. “I heard the song playing, and I knew it was about me. People were calling me saying, ‘This dude is taking shots at you,’ then interviews popped up. So enough was enough. I needed to defend myself like a man is supposed to do. I’m not gonna take it to the streets or hurt somebody or do any bullsh*t like that. But I just had to speak up. I’m not a rapper, but I wasn’t about to have somebody else fight my battle for me.” (VH1)

Aside from financial woes as of lately, Storch has reportedly landed a new reality show.

The show will give an introspective look into the life of this dynamic and incredible talent. The show will also document him making hit records with all of the hottest acts in the industry while opening the door to the hot and trendy Miami music scene. Also, it will capture Mr. Storch’s ups and downs in the volatile music business. (California Chronicle)

Timbo is currently working on 50 Cent‘s upcoming Before I Self Destruct album.

“When me and Timbaland go in, a lot of times it’s a compromise,” he explained in an interview. “He’s doing things that’s a little different production-wise from what I would usually do…I can write an R&B song, I can write whatever type of song. If you put a note on it where I can hear it, man, I can write that. We did that, and that’s how I came up with that new cadence for ‘Ayo Technology.’ We did that a couple of times while we was on there working [on Before I Self Destruct]…Even if you ain’t got the words…You’re up there, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Tim will be like, ‘I can’t believe that. He was able to make everything I just made a noise into a real cadence.’ I seen him take pens or pencils into a cup and put it into a shaker. I’m sure nobody else has shaker sounds like that…I seen some interesting things from Timbaland.” (MTV)

Check out Timbo’s interview below: