Grammy-winning producer Timbaland low-key has some smoke for Bow Wow. The Verzuz co-creator has stepped up to get at Bow Wow over his disinterest in joining the viral classic songs battle series.

Timbaland Disses Bow Wow

Heading into Tuesday, Tim responded to Bow Wow not wanting to go head to head against anyone in Verzuz. Instead of staying mum, the rap star questioned Bow Wow’s music catalog.

“He mite not have 20 n the bag” -Timbaland

Timbaland disses Bow Wow over Verzuz snub.

High-Key Details

Last Friday, Bow Weezy went to Twitter and didn’t hold back on considering the possibility of going head to head with rapper Ja Rule. However, he did ask a fan pitching the battle to explain why it would be a match made in heaven.

“Explain ……,” Bow Wow tweeted to a fan saying “Bow wow js ja rule…..i think that works.” He then proceeded to discuss his career. “People always ask me film and TV or music? I never hesitate … FILM AND TV IS MY LIFE. Music was just the start up. … When you been making music for as long as i have, the passion drops a little. You get bored. You try to find that NEW challenge.” -Bow Wow’s Twitter

Bow Wow Verzuz Ja Rule might actually go down one day soon.

Wait, There’s More

Heading into last Thursday, Ja Rule went online to challenge the whole rap game to a Verzuz battle. While he didn’t name-drop the likes of Bow Wow or someone like his longtime rap foe 50 Cent, Rule asked whose ready for all the smoke he has built up in his music stash.

Ja Rule Verzuz proposal has been made.

Before You Go

50 Cent doesn’t seem like he will cave in anytime soon. Back in April 2020, the hip-hop veteran reacted to the idea of going face-to-face in a Verzuz battle against Ja.

“who want to battle, 😆and here’s a moment of silence for the still sick and suffering. LOL #abcforlife#starz #powerbook2,3,4,5 #Fox #BMF#needattention call 50 #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi #g-unitfilms #g-unitbooks #g-unitrecords” -50 Cent’s Twitter

50 Cent shows no interest in going head to head against Ja Rule anytime soon.

“Stupid #fryfestival

50 Cent posted this meme to roast Ja