[With her new “Up In Smoke” EP now available, singer Tiara Thomas talks to SOHH about keeping her latest music release collaboration-free.]

The thing people mostly heard me from was a feature and then I did a couple more features after that and I just felt I could do it myself for this “Up In Smoke” project.

I was very hands-on with the production. I co-produced a lot of tracks and I just wanted it to be all me. I just wanted people to hear all me.

There’s not that many songs and I have songs on there that are already put out. I have three songs that I already put out, so essentially it’s six new songs and then I’m not gonna go put features on those songs.

I think people need to hear me.

Producing is something I’ve always done. I play the guitar, produce, I am just trying to get better at everything I do.

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