[With a limited edition City of Champions x STANCE socks collaboration available for the holidays, West Coast rapper Thurz tells SOHH what three female celebrities he would love to see slip them on.]

I would like to see Rihanna in my socks. She does a lot of revealing of herself and I’m not mad at it. So I would like to see her in my socks. Just in my socks on a magazine cover. That would be awesome. Seeing her in my STANCE socks would be great.

Outside of Rihanna, I would love to see The First Lady Michelle Obama in my socks. Her and President Obama, they could both wear my socks. They could wear them while listening to my new Designer EP.

People are always raving about what Kim Kardashian is doing and wearing, so I would not be mad if she wore my sock. That would be great coverage. That’d be great.

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