Three 6 Mafia leader DJ Paul might rub some hip-hop heads the wrong way. The rap pioneer has shared his disgust and issues with today’s culture.

Paul went to Twitter this week and explained why he doesn’t like the label “rapper” anymore.

Paul also came forward to provide context behind his explosive tweets and explained why rappers like Kendrick Lamar represent only one percent of hip-hop’s current originality.

“Now it’s gotten to the point where they don’t want to do nothing. Rappers are extra, extra lazy. They don’t want to write no raps, they don’t want to write no hooks, they don’t want to write nothing. They just want to keep remaking stuff and that’s fine but at some point, if we’re going to remake something we’re gonna have to throw some originality in it. We gotta do something different because if we don’t hip-hop is going to die. There’s really no originality in hip-hop no more these days. You got guys out here that are original. You’ve got your Kendrick Lamars, a lot of guys out here that are doing different stuff but that’s probably like one percent of hip-hop right now. Everybody is doing the same thing. We gotta find originality or it’s gonna die.” (TMZ)

Back in May, Paul showed rap rookie Tekashi 6ix9ine some love and acknowledged Memphis’ music scene.