New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap may want to request first row seats from the Kansas City Royals as reports claim the team is obsessed with his “Trap Queen” smash.

According to reports, the team has forced themselves to drop Fetty Wap references during post-game interviews.

The Kansas City Royals have reportedly become obsessed with the Paterson Rapper’s song, more specifically the “1738” he says in its introduction. The figure references the emcee’s Remy Boyz 1738 squad, further inspired by a type of Remy Martin cognac. (NJ)

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A local Kansas City writer covered the Royals’ Fetty Wap post-game references this week.

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Wap made headlines this week for being the first hip-hop artist to land multiple singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart Top 10 since 2011.

Fetty Wap is the first male rapper, as a lead act, to have two concurrent top 10 singles in nearly four years. It last happened on the Sept. 3, 2011-dated chart, when Lil Wayne debuted at No. 2 with “She Will,” featuring Drake, and dropped 6-8 with “How to Love.” (The last time any male rapper had two simultaneous top 10 cuts, even as a featured act, was on the April 6, 2013 list. Drake was No. 7 that week with “Started From the Bottom,” and was featured on Lil Wayne’s “Love Me,” at No. 9.) (Billboard)

Wap recently talked about the story behind purchasing his dreads.

“They’re real dreads, but I didn’t grow them. It’s a lady that I know from Newark, [New Jersey] who cut her hair off. She was a powerful person to me. She spoke a lot of positive things. You don’t just put anybody’s hair on your head. Since I did it, the last 50 songs I’ve did, I’ve recorded, they’ve all been some of the hottest songs I’ve did, just from the good energy I’ve been getting.” (Hot 97)