[With his new HomeGrown EP finally available for purchase, Connecticut rapper Chris Webby takes a minute to give SOHH readers the inside scoop behind his project’s must-see cover art.]

The title “HomeGrown” speaks to a few things. There is the first thing, which is the name of my label. It’s HomeGrown Music Group and now I’m signed under EOne and this is also the first label release.

This is a f*cking huge deal for someone that’s put out eight projects by himself, independently. So HomeGrown is the name of the label but it also speaks on my entire movement thus far. My movement has been really grassroots and a grassroots process.

My whole movement has been very organic all the way.

When you’re looking at the cover, it’s kind of an interpretation of that. It’s this career vision. You’re seeing this Little Shop of Horrors plant that’s just f*cking drinking all the booze, smoking all the weed and banging all the b*tches. That’s pretty much the point.

That’s also what I usually get stereotypically pigeon held for rapping about but it’s really not what I rap about all of the time. It’s just some of the things I enjoy doing in my life and most dudes my age like to do, or at least that’s what I would like to think.

Chris Webby (Christian Webster) is from the suburbs of Fairfield County, Connecticut. He is best known for his versatile flow, creative punchlines, pop culture references, and love for cartoons (he has a mixtape named after the Ninja Turtles and a tattoo sleeve of Mario characters). In the last 3 years, Webster has released 5 full-length mixtapes, all available at datpiff.com. His first mixtape, The White Noise LP, was released in April of 2009. Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper, was released only 5 months later on September of 2009, followed by Optimus Rhyme in May 2010, The Underclassmen in July 2010, Best in the Burbs in December 2010, and Webster’s Laboratory in June 2011. He dropped his first EP There Goes The Neighborhood to iTunes in 2011, and most recent mixtape Bars on Me in September 2012.

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