[A week after Kendrick Lamar landed a handful of Grammy nominations for his conceptual good kid, m.A.A.d city album, rap veteran Masta Ace speaks to SOHH readers about his recent Disposable Arts re-release and how concept-based projects could open new doors for him.]

I haven’t heard Kendrick Lamar‘s record yet but I’m planning on doing so. I usually play catch up with all of the new releases. I don’t normally listen to stuff when it first comes out. I got a few projects that I need to catch up on.

Conceptual albums, for me, is what it’s always been about. Since my second album, I’ve always tried to tell stories and use skits to make the album more interesting. I did that with SlaughtaHouse and Sittin On Chrome but it was with Disposable Arts that I really went to another level and could really, really tell a story from the beginning of the album.

That was my goal. That was my goal and that was my challenge. It definitely came out the way I wanted it to.


Conceptual albums are just fun for me. It makes the process of making a record and sequencing a record, it adds a lot of fun to the record when I do it. It’s just another way for me to write because that’s what I do. I write. This is just another way for me to expand my writing skills to other areas.

Who knows, down the road, I may want to do other things like TV or the big screen. I gotta get my writing chops up by doing these concept records and skits.

Disposable Arts is my best work. I was just in a zone and I was in a point in my career where I really wanted to make a statement as an artist and I put it into the record. I just feel like it’s my most creative and my favorite album of my catalogue.

This album has single-handedly extended my career another 12 years.

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