THIS HAPPND: As Don Q & Tory Lanez Clash, Red Sox Champion Mookie Betts Won’t Visit White House

With Don Q and Tory Lanez sparking an unexpected rap feud, World Series champion Mookie Betts is raising his own sets of eyebrows after announcing he won’t visit the White House with his Red Sox in May.

According to reports, Mookie is going ghost when his team goes to visit President Donald Trump later this year to celebrate their championship 2018 season.

Mookie Betts, MLB’s face of the game right now, said he has decided he “won’t be going there” when the Red Sox celebrate their World Series victory with president Donald Trump on May 9th, according to the Boston Globe. What once was a tradition for champions has become a political statement during the Trump administration, with teams like the Warriors deciding to skip their visits altogether, and others, like the Red Sox, leaving it open to the players to decide. (New York Daily News)

At least one of Betts’ teammates has decided to also fall back on the White House stop.

There will be other teammates missing from the visit beyond Betts. Third baseman Rafael Devers has already said he won’t be going to the White House, emphasizing that his decision wasn’t political. Shortstop Xander Bogaerts and pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez are both undecided. Manager Alex Cora is also undecided, though if he attends he’s said he’ll use his platform to argue for more help for his native Puerto Rico, which is still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. (Yahoo! Sports)

Earlier in the week, New York rapper Cardi B acknowledged the government shutdown ending.

On Friday, Trump signed a law to temporarily reopen the government.

President Donald Trump signed a short-term spending bill into law Friday night that does not include his requested $5.7 billion for a border wall. The White House announced late Friday that Trump had signed the measure, a three-week stopgap bill that will reopen shuttered parts of the government through February 15. The funding measure puts an end to the longest government shutdown in US history. (CNN)