New York rapper 50 Cent continues to fuel his war against Teairra Mari while former NFL Super Bowl champion and legendary player Terrell Davis drops a serious proclamation on what Cannabidiol (CBD) could have done for his career.

In a new video, TD announces he has his own CBD line launching later this year and said he believed he could have played longer if the government-approved drug existed during his NFL days.

Now … Davis tells us if CBD was around back then — he’s confident his career would have been saved. “I believe so, because any time you can help your body heal — you can take out the swelling, the inflammation and you can do it in a way that’s natural — I feel like absolutely it would have assisted in that.” Davis says he knows this because he’s a regular user of the drug … and, in fact, he is coming out with his own CBD product called Defy that is set to launch this spring. (TMZ)

CBD is now a popular go-to for helping alleviate pain and comes in multiple forms.

CBD (or cannabidiol) derives from cannabis plants and is used in some cases to relieve pain. It can be smoked or taken as a vapor, or it can be sprayed into the mouth or rubbed onto the body as an oil. (Bleacher Report)