Atlanta rapper 21 Savage is back in the spotlight since getting released from ICE but all the attention is now centered on President Donald Trump and his decision to declare a national emergency to fund a Mexico-United States border.

On Friday, Trumps signed a bill to avoid another government shutdown and as a result declared a national emergency.

President Trump signed a sweeping spending bill Friday afternoon, averting another partial government shutdown. The action came after Trump had declared a national emergency in a move designed to circumvent Congress and build additional barriers at the southern border, where he said the United States faces “an invasion of our country.” Trump is seeking to secure about $6.5 billion more in funding through executive action than Congress approved in a bill passed Thursday. (Washington Post)

Trump is ultimately aiming to secure nearly $10 billion in total to fund his wall.

The President declared the national emergency even as he agreed to sign a spending bill from Congress that allocated $1.375 billion for the President to build 55 miles of new fencing. The additional executive actions he is undertaking aim to redirect more than $6 billion in federal funds toward the construction of hundreds more miles of border barriers — bringing total funding for the wall to nearly $8 billion. (CNN)

Despite the national emergency declaration, Trump is expected to face stiff opposition to receive the billions.

Already, some Democrats have threatened legislation to block it. In a joint written statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said they “will defend our constitutional authorities in the Congress, in the Courts and in the public, using every remedy available.” (CNBC)

Reports claim both major political parties aren’t in favor of Trump’s executive flexing.

Many Republicans, particularly establishment conservatives, have said in recent weeks that it’s a bad idea for Trump to use executive powers to circumvent Congress. They envision a Democratic president tapping emergency powers and federal accounts to address liberal wish lists in the future. Democrats said there was no crisis, other than the political box Trump built for himself by promising his base that he would build the wall in the first place. (NBC News)