Rap rookie DreamDoll is going in-in on former flame Tory Lanez but ample attention is getting placed on Bothan Jean killer Amber Guyger slaying with a rags to riches look in court.

Buzz and speculation have developed about Guyger appearing to give a revamped look during a Tuesday court appearance to possibly win over her peers.

Guyger, 30, struck a softer appearance than she did earlier this month for her second courthouse visit since being indicted on a murder charge in the death of Botham Jean. A change in body language and clothes is common for defendants trying to win over a judge and jury, legal experts say. “Every time she is appearing at the courthouse, the public and, ultimately, her jury is looking at her,” said George Milner III, a local defense attorney. “A defense attorney would make every effort to have their client present to the media a look that is consistent with innocence.” (Dallas News)

Reports claim Guyger appeared in court weeks after having a gag order issued.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Guyger and her attorneys were “tight-lipped” as they entered and then later exited the courtroom, no doubt because State District Judge Tammy Kemp—who is presiding over the case—issued a gag order earlier this month that prevents both sides from speaking about the shooting or the case outside of the courtroom. Guyger, who has not been seen much in public, was indicted on a murder charge Nov. 30. (The Root)

The woman made headlines last year after killing Botham Jean after allegedly mistaking his apartment for hers.

Guyger is the fired Dallas Police officer who shot and killed her neighbor, Botham Jean, in his own home back in September. Guyger claims she mistook Jean’s apartment in her complex for her own and thought he was an intruder. (NBCDFW)