In this weeks Feature, Carl "H.D." Chery interviews Voletta Wallace. Ms. Wallace is probably the most naive working Black mother on the planet. She says silly things like "my son never sold drugs", even though many of his friends say otherwise.

In her interview she says she always requests the clean versions of her son’s music. Now, you and I both know that even with the clean versions, anyone with a brain can fill in the blanks. Ms. Wallace feels that we should fill in the blanks with more positive words.

"If you have to think negative, you’re gonna see and feel negative. If you hear a little blank put in a nice word in there. I always think positive, so I don’t even foster the thought of the children or [that] anyone [is] gonna put in the blank with the nasty, nasty words."

So on that note, we’re going to play:


Choose any verse from any B.I.G. song. Replace the negative words, with positive words. You can not use cuss words. Cuss words defined as words you would not say on a job interview. And try not to use the same verse as someone else.

I’ll go first.