[Video vixen Amber Rose has waged war toward the Kardashian family this week and there’s a chance this could get ugly. Before the all-out beefing gets extra explicit, here’s 5 rappers that have name-dropped the newly single blonde bombshell in their music including Lil Wayne and E-40.]

Kevin Gates’ “Flicka Da Wrist”:

“Johnny Blaze she can sing like Rihanna but ratted on dude it took everything out of me/Amber Rose they messed over my n*gga when I get the rip I expect her to lie to me/Sewed the sign in the middle of my forehead a broke muthuphucka who hatin don’t bother me”

Lil Wayne’s “Wasted”:

“I’m always strapped; Vietnam, n*gga/We are fine n*gga, like Amber Rose/We ball n*gga, like Jalen Rose”

Tech N9ne’s “Pornographic” featuring E-40, Krizz Kaliko & Snoop Dogg:


“Back it up like a garbage truck/A** like Amber Rose/Bouncing up and down like a pogo stick/I wanna see ya touch your toes”

2 Chainz’s “Yuck” featuring Lil Wayne:

“Cut the top off, call it Amber Rose/Just bought a big body, time to paint the toes/Known to act a donkey on the camel-toe”

Fabolous’ “I’m Raw”:

You bust your a** girl, we both gon’ be on T.M.Z/Don’t be shy, let them cameras expose you/The worst that can happen is I “Amber Rose” you/People running up like: “D*mn, I knows you!”