There’s Now A National Threat Of Black Men Being Lynched In Retaliation For Black Lives Matter Protests

Written By SOHH Squad

The powerful and motivational Black Lives Matter movements around the globe have now placed the lives and well-being of Black men at serious risk. The recent unsolved and controversial deaths of multiple African American males through hangings could possibly see an increase across the United States.

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BLM x Threat

This weekend, inside sources reached out to SOHH to provide the troubling alert. The sources also stressed the importance of Black men using precautions including not going out by themselves until the threat is over.

Sources tell SOHH there is reliable intel about a nationwide threat of black men being lynched in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests and warn black men to be careful to not travel alone or with people they do not know.  (SOHH)

High-Key Details

A few days ago, Black man Vauhxx Booker made headlines after coming forward to report being assaulted and nearly lynched by a group of white men in Indiana. The situation has even sparked a federal investigation into the near-deadly attack.

Vauhxx Booker, who is black and a member of the Monroe county human rights commission, said the men pinned him against a tree, shouted racial slurs and one of them threatened to “get a noose” at Monroe Lake near Bloomington over the Fourth of July weekend. Much of the assault was captured on cellphone video by Booker’s acquaintances and shows the 36-year-old on all fours being held down by a white man as witnesses shout for his release. “The FBI is investigating. We have no further comment,” spokeswoman Chris Bavender told the Associated Press on Tuesday. (The Guardian)

Wait, There’s More

Booker’s legal team has since addressed the situation and the FBI’s involvement. His lawyer has also pushed for the attack to be treated as a hate crime.

Booker’s attorney, Katharine Liell, shared that the agents were already interviewing witnesses and that her team expected the bureau to make charging decisions soon. “We want this investigated as a hate crime. It was clearly racially motivated,” Liell said. “We will continue our quest every day until some justice is served.” (The Grio)

Before You Go

Recently, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame fired off a serious warning message to anyone pushing for hate crimes against Black people. Waka also said there would be a consequence for trying to make lynching African Americans a trend.

“🖕🏾 White supremacy and 🖕🏾 all racist!! And f**k all that politically correct s**t. Equality ✊🏾” -Waka Flocka Flame’s Instagram

“Eh man, look here, don’t try that sh*t. Y’all hanging n*ggas from trees and sh*t like that sh*t cool. I’m telling you, if I catch you bro, I’m going to put your f*cking brains on the floor. Make that sh*t cool, bruh. Make my little nephews feel uncomfortable, bruh because y’all little fat, out of shape racist a** n*ggas wanna play. I’m gonna gun y’all n*gga a**es down. Believe that.”


Written by SOHH Squad


  1. As jounolists u have duty to reveal “inside sources” in case this is disinformation etc.

    This is horrendous. Trump, NFL, Shaun king, hawk Newton, Kanye all deliberately inflame awhitelaah backlash. Kanye normalized white supremacy for years. Trump Still lying saying BLM is a threat to the nation etc .. Facebook profiting off promoting disinformation like saying bubba Wallace noose was a hoax .. BLM movement is a mass and legitimate uprising against police brutality. But ppl like Shaun king make whites think their Jesus statues inside church r bout to b ripped down, hawk newton on on Fox news is Not BLM but says he is for clout and says he wanna burn down America.. Kanye distracts convo. Cole n Kendrick Still refuse a single tweet defending BLM.. NFL and Hollywood want to sing raise every voice and other stuff No One Asked For to motivate white rage n make BLM look dumb.. and now. No doubt victim blaming, gaslighting starts blaming BLM smh. Police on mass strikes enabling crime surge too

  2. Sohh are you promoting an agenda to scare (terror, terrorism) ppl into staying at home not protesting? If u refusing to reveal inside sources why? R these sources credible or disinformation? Y u refuse publish sources of such serious rumours? If is real threat y FBI or Bernie or BLM announcing this? Where r the sources or is this lies from Trump and Kanye to try distract and scare ppl and other political agendas

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