The Internet wants to see some action against TMZ. A petition is now receiving major support for TV network Fox to cut ties with the gossip publication over its coverage of Kobe Bryant‘s death.

Big Facts: A new petition blames TMZ for leaking the shocking news of KB’s death to the world before his family had a chance to speak out.

TMZ is a tabloid news website owned by WarnerMedia and carried by Fox Television Stations that reports on Celebrity and influencer news. TMZ has a history of harassing celebrities and crossing so many lines, but this time they went too far. Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died in a horrific helicopter crash, and TMZ LEAKED the news before the authorities were even able to notify the family. That means that Vanessa Bryant found out about the death of her husband and child through TMZ, tweets, or comments. This is beyond not ok, and its time that Fox and Warner take away their platform. Sign the petition to get TMZ taken down once and for all! (

High-Key Details: As of Wednesday morning, the petition has nearly 400,000 signatures.

Wait, There’s More: This week, various NBA legends spoke out on Kobe’s death.

Before You Go: Once Bryant’s death went viral, sports apparel giant Nike remembered his legacy.