Today’s Question: How do magazine subscriptions get destroyed?

…on the business side, the title has for several years failed to report its publisher’s circulation estimates on time to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Founding CEO David Mays attributed the tardiness to management changes in his circ department, as well as records having been destroyed when the magazine moved offices late last year. (full story)

Maybe it’s because I don’t run a publication, but how do you lose subscriptions? Did you lose them as you were crossing the street and the wind took them?

Wouldn’t a multi-million dollar company keep your subscriptions in a computer? Wouldn’t that same company keep the computer with the bread and butter off site where it would be safe from fire, theft and wind?

Normally, this question would go unanswered but thanks to the EEOC Charge Of Discrimination filed by Michelle Joyce former Vice President of Marketing at The Source, we can answer this question right now.

“…in December 2004 they fired Deborah Cameron, the former Circulation Director, and replaced her with “Black,” one of Mr. Scott’s [Benzino] male associates who previously worked in the Photography Department and had absolutely no experience in circulation.” – Paragraph 24

Go figure!