Someone put me on The Source‘s Daily Dose E-mail list. If you don’t know what The Source Daily Dose is, it’s an one-page PDF newsletter that comes to your inbox everyday telling you what’s going on in Hip-Hop. It’s what, All Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop DX, Baller Status and countless other hip-hop websites have been doing. I usually delete it from my inbox but today I read it…

What pissed me off about today’s Daily Dose is that they did a whole piece on how XXL moved under 4,000 copies of XXL Raps.


It’s one thing to poke fun at your competition when theres *nothing* to do but you guys are about to lose it all. Don’t you have anything better to do? Shouldn’t you be spending your time packing moving to Manhattan’s Financial District?

You don’t see XXL interviewing Kim Osorio or talking to Michelle Joyce trying to smear your already fucked up name. You don’t see them writing up press releases about how you lied about the EEOC findings in your November 29th Daily Dose so that other media outlets wouldn’t pick up the story – keeping your already fucked up name intact.

You’re doing all this math about how many covers Interscope artists have been on the cover of XXL, yet you can’t total up your subscriptions for an ABC Audit. What Wilson and Iovine have is special.  You don’t have that relationship anymore so get over it.

Fall back. Stand up. Hold your penis when you pee. Be men about the situation.