Did anyone catch The Apprentice last night with Lil Kim, Lil Jon, Fat Joe and Jadakiss? I did and once again The Apprentice played Hip-Hop out.

This week’s task was for both teams was to produce a 11-minute charity auction on FUSE TV. Each team would negotiate with five of the biggest talents in the music industry, and convince them to donate "personal experiences" — prize packages designed to allow the winners some face time with the performers.

Lil Jon has set Black people back 400 years. He allowed this chick Tana to downplay him and snatch his manhood.

"While Tana may have looked a bit out of place with Lil Jon and his crew, she jumped right into the hip-hop world, using lingo she might not have ever used before." – episode recap

Once Tana said "Give me a little bling-bling! This is nice. Now we be talking!" Jon just sat there shucking and jiving and let her play with his Crunk Juice cup. I would have checked her on that ebonics bullshit. OKAY!

Next was Lil Kim who agreed to let people bid on spending a week with her. She’s probably unpleasant be to around THIS WEEK (and possibly for the next 30 years) but it was a good prize. It was funny to that chick Tana say to Lil Kim:

"I think somebody would be like, love to go on a roadie with you, I just wanted you to know that, straight up. I know somebody would really diggity that."

Who the hell says diggity? Outside of a live Das Efx performance, no one talks like that. I probably wouldn’t have said anything either. That was just Tana’s ignorance.

Jadakiss didn’t get played out but it was kinda weird to see him not on BET. Interscope must have deep pockets to get him some face time on The Apprentice. Anyway, Kiss agreed to let the highest bidder travel around the world with him on tour. No disrespect, but does Jadakiss really tour around the world? His package didn’t get too many bids. I guess Yonkers wasn’t watching that day.