It’s a battle of the “White Rapper Show” reality show alumni as winner Shamrock (Twitter) takes on Persia (Twitter) for a winner take all. Will Shamrock repeat history or will Persia gain redemption? Who’s list gets the props? You decide!


Poll Results

Jadakiss for sure. Jadakiss is just so f*cking ill. The punchlines, the way he tells stories, I love it. He touches on a lot of real topics.

MC Lyte. I feel Lyte is underrated because she’s a female and I feel like she was the female that was [holding it down] with the men in the industry during her time. I don’t think she gets recognized for everything she’s done.

Put Common up there. Common can rap about anything but what I really am passionate about with him is that he made being positive and uplifting cool. He’s just so talented with the wordplay and his rhymes. It’s almost effortless with him. Plus he’s got a positive message in most of his music and it gets lost in there with other artists.

M.O.P. They’re very lyrical, very true to who they are, never conformed. Regardless of what’s going on, even if there’s money on the table, they stay true to what they’re about. I think they don’t get their recognition because they’re so real. If you sit down and listen to them taking away the fact that they’re screaming onto the mic, they really do say some sh*t. They relate to real people.

Let me get Andre 3000. Andre 3000 is a creative genius. I don’t know if anybody can approach the story with his perspective. He’s Southern but very introspective. He’s very ahead of his time. He made a lot of classic music that defined our city.

Brand Nubian. Again, it’s about what they say. It’s about what they say and how they say it. They had a very big impact on me. I guess it was because they were such a conglomerate of so many people and they were all trying to get their message across but it would come from different points of views. You kind of just “got it” when they said it. It was the first tape I bought when I was younger. That was my entry into hip-hop.

This is a killer a** question. I think my boy’s gonna go down so let me put Fabolous up there. Fab has been very commercially successful and kind of came right after the whole “bling-bling” era, that money, h*es and clothes era. But even though he makes popular music, the punchlines and the way he rhymes? They’re so ill. Most rappers will rap the last word but he’ll rhyme like the last eight words of a rhyme and just do it for a whole 16. He just makes really dope songs. He’ll make a radio hit without sacrificing what he’s about.

I’m going to have to say Joell Ortiz because I just don’t ever see him falling off. I’m thinking longevity-wise. Joell kind of reminds me of myself, or I remind myself of Joell? It’s just who I am. Take it. I’m trying to give you who I am so take it. Again, it’s about the things that he says. The industry doesn’t really let him in. They let his foot in a little bit and they take it out. It makes me pay more attention to him. His lyrics and delivery has so much heart in it. You can’t help but believe in him. To me, he’s the next big.

I want to end this with Ludacris. Ludacris’ versatility is almost untouchable. I don’t think there’s anybody that can match his punchlines, metaphors, jokes, roasts, telling stories, making songs about coming up and all that. Ludacris always delivers on his tracks…Many people reach out to him. He’s not a pop rapper, he’s a true rapper.

And I’m gonna have to say myself. I feel like I’m the next coming of light. I’m not gonna stop until they see how great I am. I’m not gonna stop until they stop comparing me to females and start comparing me to males. I feel like I’m one of the only females who can embody femininity and still f*ck with the men lyrically. I feel like I’m one of the only females where the men can rap to it as well as the females.