[Mickey MauSe is a fictional character portrayed by Bronx rapper Mickey Factz. He transforms into a 1980’s graffiti artist named ‘MauSe’, who rose from the streets and to the top. The other stars of that decade that he encounters include: Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, Fab Five Freddy and MauSe’s, mentor- Andy Warhol. In SOHH’s first entry chronicling the rise and fall of MauSe, we review his early years as a youth, developing his craft while occupying New York City’s Union Square among the homeless.]

“Sleepin’ on benches, the stenches from the bums are so relentless. – MauSe, “Union Square”

Union Square is the beginning of my story. I was kicked out of my house by my father and mother for not paying attention in school.

I was a rebellious child with no where to go. The only place that I could go at that time in my life was Union Square. At that time in New York City, there were rules that you couldn’t be in the park past 1am but the rules were a little more lax.


I was able to live there and it allowed me to become more of a skilled writer at that point. I worked, slept on the benches, sell my art on the streets … enough to eat. That was how I survived. There were times I would sleep on the couches or floors of friends, but never for too long, because I wasn’t really living with these people.

Union Square became my Mecca.

Check out the track “Union Square,” from the new Mickey MauSE mixtape below: