Days after the social media outlets exploded over a leaked employee discount for fashion brand Polo, hip-hop personality Dallas Penn has revealed himself as the person responsible for the chaos.

According to Penn, he received the 65 percent off online Polo deal from an unnamed source.

“Someone sent this to me and said, ‘DP, I know you f*cks with Polo, boom, I got this. Hodl this.’ I got it on Sunday night, around 10:30, a little after 10:30. I thought, ‘Oh sh*t. Let me see if this is official.’ I was told it expires at midnight so I basically had an hour and change to cop some sh*t. So I logged on to – I put this code in and 65 percent went off the items. When you looked at your total, I was like, ‘What the f*ck? I’m about to pay pennies for this sh*t!’ … I spent almost $400. $1,100 retail brought it down to like $380. Even if you’re buying $150 shirt, the sh*t is down to $50.” (“The Comback Jack Show”)

Instead of being greedy, DP said he felt obligated to share the wealth with his social network followers.

“I was so happy inside I was like, ‘You know what?’ I talked to people on Instagram, Twitter about this sh*t all the time and I said, ‘You know what? Let me show love since people only have limited power to get into this window anyway – I really didn’t think [it would snowball.] … I put it out on Twitter, I put it on Instagram – that was it. Boom. Boom. … Instantly, in the next ten minutes, I got a flood of at replies.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Not alone in the spree, music producer Just Blaze boasted about dropping some serious cash on Polo gear Monday (March 17) night.

“This Ralph Lauren discount code hack job is about the be the fiasco of all fiascos.,” Blaze tweeted March 17.

“Don’t get it twisted tho. I dropped 5k myself lol. We’ll see what happens.”

“Bought half the site haha. This should be good. “@hush___: @JustBlaze lmaooooo. of course you did. lol.””

“I may as well order one of everything. Logging back in.”

“oh noes! At least I got my spring wardrobe for Marshall’s money. “@_JD214_: @JustBlaze The jig is up b, the code is off.””

“Son. I just ordered another 10 pair of shoes. 2 bags and a few more jackets. I gotta log off. 37 pieces tonight. This is awesome. Lol.” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)

Although the site finally caught onto the craze, reports claim the initial purchases will be accepted.

People who love to get their hands on Ralph Lauren attire, but are working on a budget, got a surprise last night when a code for 65 percent off appeared on Instagram. Twitter erupted with people buying in bulk, sharing their experiences on the social media site. Apparently, someone got their hands on an employee discount code and shared it with the world. Currently, news is that Ralph Lauren will honor any purchases made before midnight that took advantage of the deal. (Wall Street Insanity)