Pelican Products doesn’t kid around or go the cheap way out when it comes to creating quality, game-changing technology. The popular protective case giant has come through in a big way with holiday shopping on deck by launching its first-ever waterproof personal utility case with insane QI wireless charging.

Check out a five key reasons you should add this fancy gift to your holiday list for friends and family but – notably – for yourself.

Four Seasons – All-Weather Ready 

The best thing about this must-own charging unit is the waterproof feature. Let’s be honest – when you’re dealing with anything pushing the ‘waterproof’ feature, you’re brave if you just test out its water resistance. In this case, Pelican Products did the unthinkable – its G40 Charge Case can float ‘and’ it’s 100 percent submersible. So whether you want to Silver Surf your way through the winter or go underwater like Aquaman – your phone is a safe bet. Oh – did we mention you can literally submerse this case down to a meter for 30 minutes safely? Snow, rain, sleet and any other weather condition is light work for this charging awesomeness. 

Massive Power – Iron Man Strength

Even Tony Stark would be impressed at the power this next-level unit carries. The 10,000 mAh battery delivers 2 days worth of additional smartphone power when the power tray is used. There’s also an additional USB port to let you charge other gadgets like a tablet. When you rely on the wireless charging tray, you can enjoy up to 4 times additional battery life off a single charge. Bottom line? This is a game-changer.

Ridiculously Lightweight – Carry Anywhere

One of the best features about the waterproof charging case is how lightweight and compact it is. If you want to wirelessly charge your phone while you’re working or chilling in the library, just pop the top open but if you’re going through holiday travels, outdoor elements and especially the day to day public transportation grind, just snap the lid shut and let your phone charge up to maximum strength no longer worrying about any scratches, water getting into the case or disruptions. Just toss this in your book bag, purse or – if your pockets are big enough, toss them in there.

Quick Charging – Power Up

No one likes to take the time to charge up their devices – let alone having to charge up what is actually charging your key gadget. However, Pelican even makes this process easily and convenient. Simply take the tray out of the waterproof case and simple connect it to any USB outlet – i.e. the same USB plug you use for your smartphone or even to your laptop. If you know you have a big trip or long day coming, just charge up your wireless tray overnight and you’re good for two straight days of power boosting. The flashing white indicators let you know how far you are in the charging phase. Keep in mind, if you only need a few boosts of power throughout the day, you don’t need them all to be lit up – just trust the 2-3 which will have you around 50 to 75 percent charge level. 

Team Power – iPhone + Samsung-Ready

Just like political parties, you are always going to have Team Apple and Team Samsung. In an effort to make both parties happy, Pelican made sure to have this device work for smartphones up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Note 10+. No more feuding over phones – the G40 Charge Case has you covered!

For more info on the Pelican Go G40 Charge Case, just CLICK HERE.