Netflix and chill goals are getting ready to go to an entire new level. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, overseas technology giant Konka blew attendees away with some insane HDR gold. Take a look at a quick glimpse at Konka’s upcoming Smart Wall design.

The 8K Smart Wall is 100 percent the future of television. The 236-inch Smart Wall comes packed with insane digital awesomeness – 100 million RGB LED chips processed with high-speed and precision to create vibrant and vivid colors to feast your eyes on.

Easily gearing up to take on legendary tech giants like Samsung and TCL, the Konka Smart Wall is still a few years away from reaching the everyday consumer, but in the meantime people can hit pause on their Disney Plus streaming and order a steady line-up of televisions once they become available in the United States in April.

The brand’s highly-anticipated 4K OLED TV is expected to become available for purchase by the next holiday season and has a ZeroBezel™ Ultra Design and rare built-in sound bar. The X11 Series will be available in 55” and 65” UHD screen sizes.

For more info, visit the Konka website – CLICK HERE!