Do you want to go see a fun summer movie? Tired of the over-the-top superhero flicks? Need some non-stop action and excitement?

Today, check out hip-hop veteran and actor Page Kennedy‘s top five reasons you should go see his new The Meg movie when it splashes into theaters Friday, August 10! [Check out each reason and grab your free pre-release movie passes in select cities!]

Reason 1: Insane Shark Movie

When has anyone ever seen a shark that big? You almost can’t even image it. Jaws was the scariest thing we had ever seen, but what could Jaws do? Maybe bite you or tear off a leg or an arm. The Meg could literally eat you whole without even biting you. There is a zero percent chance of surviving a Meg attack. That’s a must see!

[Who doesn’t need a little Page Kennedy in their lives…]

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