Are you ready to see The Meg? Can’t get enough shark movies in your life? Need that one big must-see list of beach flicks you gotta see before heading out Friday, August 10 to see The Meg?

Today, check out five must-see shark movies you gotta check out ASAP – or at least before you see The Meg this Friday! [Be sure to read each reason and enter to win a pair of passes to see The Meg in New York, Charlotte, North Carolina or Washington, DC!]

Reason 1: Jaws

The first must-see movie you have to see before going out to see The Meg is without a doubt – Jaws. Granted, much like any Halloween movie, there are probably a few too many sequels but sticking with the essence of shark movies, there’s nothing better than the first Jaws movie. You practically *SPOILER ALERT* don’t even see Jaws until the very end of the film but it still goes down as an ultimate classic. The signature ‘dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun’ goes back to this 1975 film. This is a must-see for any true shark movie fanatic or The Meg moviegoer!

[There’s one shark movie that’s pretty recent and even has a hip-hop element to it…]

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