The LOX’s Styles P recently updated fans on the status of their upcoming group project and said each member is also putting together a solo album.

According to “The Ghost,” Jadakiss and Sheek Louch are hard at work on their next LPs.

“We working on the LOX right now and all the solos at once — Sheek solo, my solo, ‘Kiss solo, mixtapes. That’s our plan for the summer right now,” he said. “Since we all in the lab, we going in. Now that we all there at the same time, it brings better energy and better thoughts. Even while I’m working on my solo, I like that input: ‘All right, P, go here with it’ or ‘go there with it.’ ‘You should do that kinda song.’ I was in a Louch session the other day, and somebody was there for beats for him; he got two beats for me. It wasn’t nothing there for him in the beat session, but he heard two beats he knew I would like and go in on. It makes for a better energy and better fit. We just working and making our legacy grow. LOX forever.” (MTV)

Last month, Sheek confirmed that he inked an album deal with Def Jam.

“I got some real good music coming out,” he revealed. “I needed that right machine behind it to get that record past the level that it stops, to push it further. And I was shopping it to a lot of the majors…but my man L and Butch, Czar, Mike Caruso and Lenny S…they brought me up in there to Def Jam. And Chris Hicks and L.A. [Reid] they seen the vision. And it’s on…It’s between a couple spots that’s actually throwing real nice numbers and ideas at [The LOX]. I know everybody’s been hearing about that project but it’s for real, for real…we’re meeting with [Diddy] on Wednesday.” (XXL Mag)

While they have not yet pinned down a release date, Styles recently said a new LOX album would likely hit shelves in 2011.

“Probably top of the year,” Styles said about a new LOX album. “Top of the year, [but] you can expect to start hearing some stuff from us though. We’ve done a few remixes, probably heard us on the Consequence remix, ‘I’m Ill’ remix, we got about four other remixes, people remixes, I don’t want to say what joints they are, but you know what I mean, so. I ain’t name [my solo album] yet, but it’s gonna be out right after The LOX [project].” (Hip Hop Gossip Site)

Producer Dame Grease recently announced his involvement with the upcoming album.

“It’s official, actually, Kiss asked me personally,” Grease revealed in an interview. “This was before they were gonna take it to Puff or wherever because the thing is, just checking statistics like the success that we had with The LOX, we all had together and sold 1.5, 2 million records…That was then, but we put the same formula and into the future music.” (Nod Factor Dot Com)

Check out Styles P speaking on the new LOX album down below: