The Internet is getting everyone ready for a must-watch “The Last Dance” two-episode broadcast. Ahead of Sunday’s shows airing, social media has unloaded some hilarious memes inspired by last weekend’s premiere.

The Internet Remains Undefeated W/ The Last Dance Memes

Over the past few hours, people have lit up social media feeds with pure comedy. “The Last Dance’ memes centered on everything from NBA legend Michael Jordan to his former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen.

“Here’s part 2. Enjoy ✌🏽” -Hip Hop Memes Daily’s Instagram

The Last Dance memes have been priceless

Fabolous Needs Answers

This week, New York rapper Fabolous hit up his social media pages to share his thoughts on former Bulls player Scottie Pippen’s second episode focus. Specifically, Loso questioned who should take the blame for Pippen agreeing to a 7-year contract for only $18 million.

“Was on Twitter last night after watching The Last Dance, I think everyone felt that Scottie Pippen deserved more money for what he contributed to the Chicago Bulls as a player, & 1 of the best in the NBA at the time.. Alot of factors tho, such as personal needs for Pippen & his family, different salary cap limits then, front office issues with players & coaches, another Superstar teammate, & the negotiating leverage.. But in this case of the “Bad Deal”, who is at fault?” -Fabolous’ Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Fab didn’t stop there. The rap artist shared three possible culprits behind Pippen going with the low-figure contract.

“1. Pippen for rushing to sign for the money & selling himself short for such a long term contract ? 2. Pippen’s Agents for not shutting down this deal (even tho if the client wanna accept theres nothing AGENTS can do) Or putting renegotiation clauses per future performances ?? 3. Chicago Bulls for not renegotiating with Pippen after his performance warranted more? And not keeping one of their top players happy ??” -Fabolous’ Instagram

Before You Go

After the two-episode premiere, the Internet delivered some hard-hitting jokes. Some of the most noticeable memes centered on Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan and the team’s former general manager Jerry Krause.

“They were not letting him rest😂” -NBA Memes’ Instagram

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They were not letting him rest😂

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Never realized 😂 (Via ‪charles270‬/Twitter)

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Did him wrong 😂 (Via ‪ks197‬/Twitter)

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