The Internet is bringing the popcorn for Nick Cannon‘s latest headline-generating controversy. The hip-hop entertainer has sparked social media’s attention after describing white people as true savages and closer to animals.

Internet x Nick Cannon

Over the past few hours, social media has lit up Twitter with epic reactions to Cannon’s now-infamous words. While some people viewed him as a “black supremacist” others admitted they enjoyed the drama and conversation he sparked.

High-Key Details

The drama all stems from a recent conversation he had with hip-hop veteran Professor Griff. During the discussion, Cannon explains how white people became savages generations ago.

“The Masked Singer” host recently been accused of spewing anti-Semitism on his podcast, “Cannon’s Class,” but now it’s this brief clip from his June 30 episode with Professor Griff — formerly of Public Enemy — that has people riled up. Nick said that the power of melanin — or lack thereof — made white people “a little less” than darker-skinned people … and claims this deficiency leads to fear. He was speaking anthropologically — meaning the very first white people in modern day Europe — but went on to say white people’s fear made them lack compassion and ultimately … become evil. (TMZ)

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