The Internet has joke-jokes. Social media has erupted with some hilarious and positive co-signs for Megan Thee Stallion‘s new “Girls in the Hood” smash.

Internet x Meg

Over the past few hours, the Internet has shown it’s love for Megan for putting out a fire new record. The single’s lyrics and video clips have generated some must-see memes.

The Internet loves Megan

High-Key Details

Over the past few hours, Meg has geeked out over her new single heating up the music charts. Stallion has released clips and pics in celebration of the record’s popularity.

“OKAY HOTTIES WE CRACKED THE TOP 10 ON APPLE MUSIC ALL GENRES 🔥🔥🔥 😛😛😛😛 let’s get it 👏🏾 #girlsinthehood” -Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

On Friday, Stallion delivered on her promise of putting out a new record. “Girls in the Hood” takes heavy inspiration and an actual sample from late hip-hop icon Eazy-E‘s “Boys in the Hood” classic.

Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Girls in the Hood

Before You Go

Leading up to the single’s premiere, Eazy-E’s daughter Henree Wright co-signed “Girls in the Hood” but shared her issues with Meg’s team. Wright took specific aim at Stallion’s team for trying to make bank off the record without looking out for Eazy’s family.

“I’m straight bothered and I don’t really get bothered. But I’m not bothered by these dope a** artists that’s making these dope ass pieces of merch or these dope a** musicians who are making these dope a** songs. As long as y’all are paying homage to my father, I fuck with that. 100 percent, right? What I’m bothered by is the people in the background who pushed the ‘OK’ button and say, ‘Go ahead and drop it, we co-sign it. We write off on it.’ ‘Cause he got kids that y’all won’t write sh*t off for. We’ve been trying forever.” -Henree Wright’s Instagram

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