The Internet takes no days or nights off – ever. Social media has continued to throw some hilarious spins on the newly released Drake and Future “Life Is Good” music video.

Big Facts: This weekend, a fresh batch of memes emerged targeting practically everyone featured in the must-see visual.

High-Key Details: Heading into the weekend, celebrity foodie Guy Fieri jumped on Twitter to show his support for the video by sharing a hilarious vintage pic of Drake showing off cooking skills.

Wait, There’s More: On Friday, the memes exploded going at Drizzy about his undeniably noticeable “Life Is Good” line about not paying taxes.

Before You Go: Coincidentally, Drake reportedly and recently dropped over $1 million on an iced-out heart-shaped diamond necklace.

Our sources tell us Drake just dropped over $1 MILLION on a customized heart-shaped necklace, a pricey present for himself. Drake commissioned Gemma Fine Jewelry to make the chain, which comes in at a whopping 100 carats. We’re told the piece took several months to create — heart-shaped diamonds are in high demand, and are extremely difficult to fashion. (TMZ)