The Internet never sleeps. New rumors and gossip have circulated online claiming rap star Lil Baby‘s camp put more than just paws on fellow Atlanta entertainer Offset.

Big Facts

According to widespread speculation, Baby’s entourage went off on Off for his jewelry and clothes. However, there are currently no details on when or where the alleged attack took place.

“The streets are alleging NCIS LA star Offset got beat down, robbed and stripped down to his boxers by members in Lil Baby’s 4PF camp.”

High-Key Details

The alleged incident comes just days after Offset starred in an episode of CBS’ “NCIS: LA” show. He even went to his Instagram page to speak on his cameo’s importance.

“Thank you the cast of NCIS LA. Thanks LL Cool J for being a man of his word. Thank Dennis Smith n Scott who wrote me in the storyline this was one of my biggest moves of my career in my opinion. This showed the world that they can’t put me in a box or keep me trapped in one work place. Thank God also for giving me the opportunity to present another talent of mine and never last is my die hard real fans.”

Wait, There’s More

On Monday, Off’s wife Cardi B went to her IG page to salute Off. She shared an on-set moment between her husband and “NCIS” star LL Cool J.

“So proud of you”

Before You Go

Last week, Offset shared “NCIS” footage of himself on-set. In the clip, he explained his motivation for joining the popular CBS show as a deep undercover agent.