West Coast rapper The Game recently confirmed future projects with former G-Unit member Young Buck and revealed the politics behind his new album L.A.X.

In an interview with Hot 106.3 radio personality Joey Foxx, the Black Wall Street leader explained his displeasure in creating commercial-sounding singles and his excitement when records like “My Life” hit airwaves.

“I love when my singles become songs like that. I’m not really into the whole radio-friendly, take it to the club, cars, hoes, jewelry rap. That’s really not me, man,” he said. “I love when I can make a song that’s about something. Every bar on the song means something to me.”

Promising he only “spent one day” to record the "My Life" music video, Game also addressed his subliminally targeted Jay-Z record “Dope Boys” and how he linked up with Blink 182′s drummer Travis Barker.

“Crazy, man, ’cause Travis Barker don’t live far from me man. [He] lives around the corner and I got the track ‘Dope Boys’ and I’m like, ‘This track is like some drums away from being sick’ man, and I kept listening to it,” he explained. “He killed it, man. He listened to the song twice and then he just went in.”

Confirming an upcoming mixtape with Tennessee rapper Young Buck, Game detailed what other plans the two have. Both were recently seen onstage earlier this week at a performance in New York City taunting G-Unit.

“Me and Buck, we going do a lot together,” Game said. “I’ll be in Cashville beginning of September with Buck rolling out the red carpet in his town, man. You know we’ll be in Phoenix. We’re doing a couple little appearances coming up. Buck is the homie and I’mma ride it out with him.”

Game also explained his relationship was always strongest with Buck compared to other G-Unit members while he was involved in the group throughout 2004.

“I never really spoke to 50 [Cent] a lot. I never talked to Tony Yayo–and only spoke to [Lloyd] Banks in passing, man,” he added. “Me and Buck been kin and honest since day one. So, you’ll look forward to the mixtapes. The mixtapes are nothing, we gonna do that, and we gonna do a lot of other stuff in the near future.”

When asked if he would consider buying out Buck’s remaining [two album requirement] contract with 50, he simply declined.

“I think Buck can buy-out his own contract,” he said. “That’s what I would do, but I don’t think 50 will let that happen, man. He’s just a bitter dude, man. He’s a smart guy, real dope business mind, but you know, he does things that make me question his integrity.”