Congrats to Short Dawg for snapping away D.G.’s chance for a Final flash with a 100% win. In Round 2, things continue to get G.O.O.D. as Kanye West‘s personal engineer Andrew Dawson faces off with Yeezy’s producer Symbolyc One. Who really has the “Power”, and who won’t get much higher? You decide!

Who would you like to see face off in Top 5 Dead Or Alive? Let us know ASAP


Poll Results

I have to say Kanye West, of course. What I love about Kanye’s music is the inner struggle in all of his verses. It’s like, “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger”, but I ain’t messing with anybody that’s broke. [His lyrics are] his inner monologue.

This is hard. I’ll start with Pharoahe Monch. It’s his delivery. It’s flawless. And I love his wordplay, so it’s that and his delivery that’s flawless to me. There’s not much more you can say about him. His flow is crazy.

I’d have to put Lil Wayne on the list. Lil Wayne is just fun. His verses are fun. Just listening to him rap is something that just gets me into the moment. I love having fun listening to what he’s rapping about. Wayne definitely has to be on there.

I would say Talib Kweli. The reason I pick him is because of his consistency. If you listen to the joints that he does, he’s really on point. So I’m going to have to go with him for that.

Dr. Dre has to be on there. I’ve got to put Dre on there, [for] his production. Then listen to his verses on all of his music even going back to Chronic 2001; it’s always been really good.

I would put Black Thought in there. I’ve always thought Black Thought was underrated. He does it so effortlessly. When you hear his music, you can [hear] how good he is.

And then how could I name Dre without putting Snoop Dogg in there? He’s had the most incredible year. He’s able to do pop records and put street verses on top of it. That’s incredible. That’s really amazing that he’s been able to do both. Both the pop world and urban world all love him. Everybody loves him.

I’m going to have to put Kanye West in there. I’d put him in there just because I’ve seen his creative process and how he puts it all together. So I would definitely have to say Kanye West. [His material] is also very consistent.

I have to name Common. Common was like the first person to really get me into listening to hip-hop. When I was younger, I would always listen to the track first, the sound of the beat. Listening to his verses made me start listening to lyrical content and verses in other music. I’d start hearing his verses on songs. I love how he raps, so he’s got to be on the list.

Finally, I’m going to say Common. I’m a big Common fan. So I would have to put him in there because he’s crazy as well, lyrically. The way he rhymes, I have to put him on my list of greats.