The wait is finally over – the funniest and most savage “Power” finale memes have arrived. After mounted anticipation for an epic conclusion to everyone’s favorite STARZ series, social media has unloaded pure digital comedy after “Power” left lots of viewers scratching their heads.

Big Facts: On Monday, a batch of fresh and epic memes emerged poking fun at “Power” trying to sell fans on its four upcoming spin-off shows.

High-Key Details: Some people took an issue with “Power” character Tariq St. Patrick ultimately taking out his dad in the series finale.

When it comes to Tariq as the shooter, many viewers thought making him “the new Ghost” came off as “forced and unbelievable.” Additionally, some didn’t like the fact that Tariq came out on top despite getting his sister killed, setting up his Uncle Tommy, and murdering his father as he still got into a great college and has a lot of money waiting for him if he meets the conditions. One fan pointed out the Power team had a great concept with Tariq killing Ghost, especially after what his father sacrificed so his son wouldn’t follow in his footsteps, but felt it was poorly executed. (Cheat Sheet)

Wait, There’s More: Details surrounding the upcoming “Power” spin-off shows and its key characters have surfaced online.

Along with the previously announced “Power Book II: Ghost,” the premium cabler has also commissioned “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” “Power Book IV: Influence,” and “Power Book V: Force.” “Raising Kanan” is a prequel set in the ‘90s during the early years of “Power” character Kanan Stark. “Influence” will follow Rashad Tate in his pursuit of political power. “Force” centers on Tommy Egan after he cuts ties and puts New York in his rearview mirror for good. Larenz Tate will reprise his role as Rashad Tate in “Influence,” while Joseph Sikora will return as Tommy for “Force.” (Variety)

Before You Go: This past weekend, “Power” creator Courtney Kemp talked about what fans should expect when actress Mary J. Blige stars in the upcoming “Power Book II: Ghost” series.

It really is a continuation. It picks up 72 hours after the end of Power Book I, and it pushes you right into what happens next. I mean, there’s Mary, there’s Method Man and there’s a very complicated and interesting framework that we’re dealing with But, a lot of what was in the original Power, which is the idea of being torn between two worlds, is there.