Jay-Z Reveals He Is The Mastermind Behind Irv Gotti’s Name

“It Stuck”
Irv Gotti x Jay-Z

During the recent premiere episode of the Murder Inc documentary on BET, Jay-Z revealed that he’s the mastermind behind Murder Inc label head Irv Gotti’s stage name.

“I remember me snapping on Irv like man your name is Irving and everybody laughed like hahaha like man you need a name like Irv Gotti, we got to toughen you up.”

Irv shared how the name stood out over time:

“Like everything that Jay does, it stuck.”

As fans can see, the name helped Irv become a top-notch producer in the game for so many years in the 90s through the 2000s.


Jay-Z Reveals He’s The Mastermind Behind Irv Gotti’s Name

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