Playstation 5 Pre-Orders Sell Out Everywhere

Pre-Order Frenzy

It’s hard out here for a Playstation fan. After plans to green light Playstation 5 pre-orders for a Thursday, September 17 were nixed by retailers giving customers an opportunity to make their transactions a day early, the latest reports are next generation consoles have sold out everywhere. From Walmart and Target to GameStop and BestBuy, it’s practically impossible to grab a PS5 for pre-order. Fortunately, reports claim restocks are happening but there’s no telling when pre-orders will once again resumé’s

Cardi B Reveals New "Me Gusta" Music Video Premiere Time

Save The Time

New York rapper Cardi B is letting fans know where to be at 11 AM ET Friday. The hip-hop star has announced her new “Me Gusta” music video with singer Anitta and Myke Towers has an official premiere time and will live up to the hype. The song will be the latest since Cardi took over the globe with her Megan Thee Stallion-featured “WAP” anthem. Cardi has Bardi Gang ready for a much-needed sophomore album.

Rihanna Announces Next Savage X Fenty Show

Volume 2

Music mogul Rihanna is gearing up for something big. She went online with a little preview video of what’s coming on October 2nd, and it’s going to be crazy. With performances from Travis Scott, Rosalía, and more, the second installment of the Savage X Fenty show will be available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

Big Sean Speaks On People Not Paying Up

Be Fair

Detroit rapper Big Sean is getting what’s owed to him. He went online with a message pondering why some people refuse to pay up fairly. While he didn’t list any specifics, it seems like Sean Don’s dealt with a situation like that before. Perhaps it has something to do with Kanye’s contract-filled rant on Twitter yesterday.

Chris Rock Says Democratic Leadership Let Coronavirus Pandemic In


Comedian Chris Rock had some controversial comments to say about democrats. He says the political group was too focused on impeaching Donald Trump during the pandemic. He accused them of letting the “pandemic come in.” He also said Donald Trump has the mentality of a five-year-old, and that the Democrats should have picked up where he fell short.

Offset Announces 2.0 Version of Himself

Moving On
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Set 2.0

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Atlanta hip-hop heavyweight Offset seems to be moving on. In light of his pending divorce from Cardi B, he went online to show in his caption that he’s a new man. The Migos rapper turned off comments as well and hasn’t directly discussed his relationship, although who knows if he’ll speak on it at some point.

#FreeKanye is Trending on Twitter


Kanye West took to Twitter to air out his grievances with Universal Music Group by posting pages of his contracts, he also shared a video of himself urinating on his Grammy award. As a result, it’s believed that his Twitter account was suspended for violating Twitter’s use policies.

Drake's 'Laugh Now Cry Later' Surpasses 100 Million Views on YouTube


Drake and Lil Durk‘s “Laugh Now Cry Later” music video has officially surpassed 100 million views on YouTube. The single had a great start in its opening week, credited with 36.5 million views and landing #2 on the Global YouTube Music Videos chart back in August.

T.I. Speechless Driving Past Massive Los Angeles Fires

Fire Works

Atlanta rapper T.I. is getting a first-hand look at how serious the California fires have become. The King of the South went to his Instagram page to share actual footage of himself driving past a massive Los Angeles fire following a trip to the recording studio. Tip even joked about the fires igniting courtesy of his newly released “Ring” single with fellow Atlanta native Young Thug.

Funk Flex Announces Something Big Going Down With Lil Baby

Baby Flexing

New York radio personality Funk Flex is in work mode. After recently teasing big things going down with Brooklyn’s Fivio Foreign, the hip-hop veteran has let the world know he has something in the books with Atlanta rap superstar Lil Baby. There’s no telling when and how this project is dropping, however, Flex has set expectations high with what fans should hear from the star-studded effort.