You can’t have a summer of blockbusters without including some serious top-notch superstars – as in the legendary Denzel Washington. His Hollywood record speaks for itself with classics like Malcolm X and Fences to Philadelphia and He Got Game to his name – however, with his long-awaited The Equalizer 2 coming out this Friday (July 20) – we’ve put together the Top 5 action-packed flicks of his career.

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Reason 1: American Gangster

Easily one of the best movies in Denzel Washington’s career, his portrayal as real-life former drug kingpin Frank Lucas is still pretty amazing to think about 11 years later. The 2007 flick paired director Ridley Scott with a top-notch and ready to slay Washington who put together one of his best performances since Training Day. Watching Washington’s on-screen portrayal of Lucas in 1960’s New York in a tale of money, scandal, drugs and the Vietnam war was mind-blowing to say the least. Then add the fact he starred opposite Russell Crowe and a slew of actors ranging from rappers T.I. and RZA to Ruby Dee, Josh Brolin and Chiwetel Ejiofor? Needless to say, this movie had everything you could want in an action-packed real-life drama.

[Denzel Washington had to play a bad guy to get the gold…]

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